Frequent Questions

We understand that no two jobs are the same and that customers will have questions. We have done our best to list some of the most common questions and answers below.

  • How long does a typical job take, and if I pay extra can you do it express for me?

    No two jobs are the same. On arrival at the site, the team will make an assessment and advise on the expected lead-time for the project. This timeline is always subject to the availability of parts and other extenuating factors. We strive to complete most repair jobs within the same day (subject to availability of parts). In extreme emergencies, you can negotiate with us to commit additional resources in order to expedite the job.

  • Can I view your previous work?

    Yes, you can take a look at our Project Gallery for some of our previous projects.

  • Do you do payment terms?

    No. All repair and maintenance jobs are strictly COD. We offer different payment methods including EFT, cash and eWallet. We will soon be offering credit card and debit card swiping facilities. Terms are only available for pre-approved commercial clients.

  • Do you offer satisfaction guarantees on all your work?

    We strive to always provide the best quality service possible. As such, we offer a 7-day guarantee on all repairs and a 3 month warranty on all new installations.

  • Do you charge a Call-out fee?

    Yes. A Call-out fee is applicable to all site visits / inspections. However all our quotes are issued on a NO OBLIGATION basis.

  • Do you have relevant trade qualifications?

    Sengkhona Plumberz is a registered service provider and we pride ourselves with the quality of our work. We are registered with the Institute of Plumbing SA (IOPSA) & Plumbing Institute Registration Board (PIRB). We are also an accredited Kwikot installer. All our team leaders are skilled tradesmen.

  • I'm pretty good at DIY, can I help you or will I just be getting in the way?

    As a professional service provider, we adhere to the highest safety standards, which means that only members of our team are allowed to be involved in the process of the job. We also have strict work processes to ensure that we deliver the best service all the time. If you have to be on site, it would be as an observer.

  • Can I request a specific team member to do the job?

    No. Sengkhona employs qualified plumbers and skilled tradesmen so each team that is dispatch is fully capable of carrying out the task at hand.

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