Green Water Solutions

Did You Know?

South Africa’s water consumption per person per day per litre, at around 320 litres, is double the global average rate of consumption! [Reuters]

This means that a lot of our water consumption is lost to wastage, at an incredible cost over time. Sengkhona has put together a range of products to help you SAVE MONEY and conserve our ENVIRONMENT!

In order to find the BEST SOLUTION FOR YOU, we conduct a Water-Wise Audit at all water points from taps to toilet with the aim of establishing if they are using water as efficiently as possible. We then give you a report with retrofit solutions to improve water efficiency on your current infrastructure?

Below Are Some Green Water Solutions from Sengkhona Plumbers:

Green Water Solutions
Green Water Solutions
Green Water Solutions
Green Water Solutions
  • Leak Detection
    Is your water bill always high? You could have a hidden leak somewhere in your plumbing system. Some leaks are too small to be detected with a naked eye hence special equipment is needed to do an inspection and pinpoint the leak, ultimately saving you money. We do leak detection for domestic, commercial and industrial buildings at an affordable price.
  • Backup Water System
    A water backup system will enable uninterrupted water supply to your premises when the Municipal water system fails or is shut down for maintenance or repairs. We install a water tank and pump along the main water supply to the property. Water is fed into the tank from the municipal supply, when the tank is full, the water continues to be pumped from the tank into your property. The water constantly flows through the tank, which means the water is not stagnant and there is always a tank full of fresh municipal water available in case of an emergency.
  • Storage Tank Cleaning
    It is necessary to clean and disinfect your water holding tank(s) at least once a year or more often as required to achieve the following:
    — To reduce development of and removal of blue-green algae-cyanobacteria which can develop over time.
    — Eliminate accumulating Silt or small sand particles at the bottom of tanks.
  • High Pressure Jetting / Hydro-jetting
    This is a technique of cleaning and unblocking drains or storm water pipes. This technology involves the use of high-pressure water in order to clean clogged drains properly and remove the toughest of blockages that might exist in your drains and pipes.
  • Rainwater Harvesting
    Installation of reservoirs to collect rain water for irrigation or other purposes. A millimeter of rainfall a square meter of roof surface area can make up to 1 litre of harvested water. Rainwater can provide a significant reduction on your consumption (depending on your available storage)
  • Grey Water Solutions
    Recycle, reuse and conserve water from other processes within your premises. Apart from saving you money, you make an impact protecting the environment as well. Talk to us about a tailored solution to suit your environment.
  • Energy-wise Solutions
    Installing energy efficient solutions to your water heating infrastructure such as pipe lagging and geyser blanket installations can significantly reduce your energy bill. For large establishments, this can amount to a lot over time.

Our solutions are tailored for both residential and commercial solution. Talk to one of our knowledgeable consultants about your requirements.
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