We install different types and sizes of geysers.

Contact us if your geyser has burst, is leaking or just needs replacing. We repair and install various types and makes of geysers. At Sengkhona, we appreciate that a geyser is a critical part of any household, so when there is a fault, our team will be there as fast as possible!

Spotting a faulty geyser:

It is essential to know the signs of a faulty geyser in order to prevent damage to your house and furniture. Here are some of the tell-tale signs of a faulty geyser.
Excessive dripping water from the over-flow pipe: means that there is a fault in the pressure valves.

A faulty thermostat (temperature control) will cause steam to come out of the over-flow pipe. This is a potentially dangerous situation. Pressure build-up could cause the geyser to burst / explode. Switch off the geyser immediately!

At times the geyser will continually trip the power mains, or just not produce hot water. This means that there is a fault with the element or some of the electrical components of the geyser.

Steps to take when your geyser bursts:

So, your geyser’s burst or faulty, what do you do?

  1. Switch off the main switch on the Distribution Board.
  2. If there is water leaking or gushing out, turn off the water supply to the geyser. You can even turn off the water mains in an emergency.
  3. Release the pressure from the geyser by opening a hot water tap.
  4. Call, Sengkhona Plumberz 🙂 [Always ensure you get qualified personnel to work on your plumbing to prevent damage to your property]

Installing A New Geyser:

When you install a new geyser, you need to consider the demands that would be placed on the geyser at peak times. No use installing a smaller geyser to save, only to be frustrated all the time with hot water running out too fast. Talk to us about your needs so that we can advise accordingly.

There are various types of geysers for you to consider, namely:

  • conventional electric geysers
  • solar geysers
  • compact instant heaters

We only provide a number of energy saving solutions like:

  • Vacuum Breaker Caps,
  • Geyser Blankets,
  • Water Pipe Lagging
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